Postdocs Lunch Seminar

This is website of the UCSD postdocs' seminar. The main idea of the seminar is to help postdocs to know everyone's research topics. On every meeting someone gives an approachable talk into her/his research or a question he/she is currently thinking about. The seminar promotes a vibrant atmosphere in an informal setting.

Upcoming events

A brief introduction to coinvariant algebras
Josh Swanson

We’ll start by examining Hilbert’s famous 1890 result which settled the “first problem of invariant theory” by introducing the coinvariant ideal and what is now called Hilbert’s Basis Theorem. Next, we’ll examine some of the many beautiful and intertwined combinatorial, algebraic, representation-theoretic, topological, and geometric properties of the coinvariant algebra of the symmetric group. Time permitting, we’ll mention some exciting recent work on diagonal and super diagonal coinvariants of pseudo-reflection groups.