Postdocs Lunch Seminar

This is website of the UCSD postdocs' seminar. The main idea of the seminar is to help postdocs to know everyone's research topics. On every meeting someone gives an approachable talk into her/his research or a question he/she is currently thinking about. The seminar promotes a vibrant atmosphere in an informal setting.

Upcoming events

Resolution Proof System and Graph Complexity
Alexander Knop

Goedel defined the first formal proof system at the beginning of the twentieth century. However, up until now, it is not clear how to generate proofs in this proof system efficiently. To overcome this obstacle, Davis and Putnam, in 1960, proposed resolution proof system, a much weaker proof system that allows generating proofs automatically.

In this talk, we define resolution proof system, discuss lower bounds for it, and give a graph theoretic open questions connected to these lower bounds.